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About us
The Founder - Rachel Alexandra Kershaw

Rachel established Imella Design in 2011 when the purchase of a farmhouse in North Wales transformed a long held passion for interior decoration and textiles into a business and way of life.


Inspiration for the name "Imella" comes from Rachel's two daughters, Imogen and Ella.


Rachel has a degree in law and worked as a solicitor at a leading international firm and as a private client lawyer for 10 years. But major life changes and moving to the farmhouse in the remote Berwyn Hills in Wales were a catalyst for change.


Rachel has a long standing passion for interior design and architecture: textiles are in her blood. Rachel’s mother taught her to sew and helped her to make her first pair of curtains as a 12 year old. Rachel’s grandmothers were weavers in a Lancashire cotton mill and her grandfather was a mill engineer running the engine which powered the mill sheds. So Britain’s rich textile industry is woven into her family history!

Over the years, Rachel has gained significant experience with projects in country houses and luxury homes across the UK and abroad. She works directly with clients as well as with Interior Designer and Decorators. 

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